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Why would you put the adult computers next to the non soundproofed Teen Underground?

I think that it is great to have a place for teens, but I think a much better location could have been chosen. Somewhere more remote and more easily accessible. Not where they have to go thru quiet areas to get to their Underground Room. Running, laughing, loud talking and yelling are not what I want to hear or see when I am at any library. Also, your printers are so loud, by the computers, I could barely hear what I was listening to. Whoever designed the set up this way, did not think it through.
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We knew we needed a place for our teens and looking at the plan of the entire building, this location worked the best.

We are looking for soundproofing options for the Teen Underground. And, we are training staff at the Technology Desk to control the noise of the teens while the teens are entering or leaving the Teen Underground.

Also, when you are listening to something on the computer, you can use the headphones that are available near the computers. If you don't find a set of headphones near the computer you are using, please ask the staff at the desk.


I just got your response to my response. Thank you for clarifying that you were using headphones. Hopefully, we can successfully soundproof the room more which will help while the kids are in the room. And, we are training more people to work in that Teen Underground so that it is staffed all hours the library is open. Then, as part of their training, the staff can catch the kids on the way out and remind them to be quiet. We are also in the middle of training our Security staff. Part of that training will need to be that they need to be down in the Lower Level more often. I will forward our dialogue to the Supervisor of the Teen Department for her input as well. There are times when we do feel like babysitters. I apologize for your frustration.

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