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Hi. I have some questions as noted below.

I have to do an annotated bibliography assignment for a western civilization history course relating to within the past 400 years in Western Civilization. I may do the assignment on the role of women in the past 400 years. I am in the process of looking for resources to complete the assignment. The assignment requires multiple resources. Would you be able to recommend how I can find scholarly resources as noted below to complete the assignment, especially where I can find a reputable first hand account on women’s rights and issues in the past 400 years and an opposing perspective source (that doesn't necessarily have to be first hand, as also noted below), possibly against the rights of women? The source requirements are:

• One primary source: a document, object, or other material directly related to the topic and time. This should be a document that provides a first-hand account of your topic without previous knowledge of the event. Examples may include newspapers, diaries, letters, film (excluding commercial movies or documentaries), records, or speeches.

• One current, relevant article from a published and reputable historical or news magazine within the last five years (60 months).

• One peer-reviewed article: find an article in a scholarly journal published by a university, museum, or another reputable academic entity that has clearly identified the credentials of the author, reviewer, and, and year as that may signal bias in the work. Your textbook does not qualify for this requirement.

• Pick a second selection from any one of the above-described categories. The duplicated medium needs to argue for an opposing perspective from the matching selection in that category, and cannot be found in the same publication or brand as any of the other four selections.

Kindly reply as early as possible. Thanks.
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Do you have access to a library at the college where you are taking this course? A college or university library would be best for "scholarly" materials. Many libraries now encourage students to make appointments with subject librarians.

I think you would have a good chance of finding  sufficient primary material if you were to consider something like these topics : Women in the Military,  Suffrage Movement, Birth Control, Feminism, Women's Rights Movement, Equal Rights Amendment, Pioneer Women.

Many libraries, including Niles, subscribe to historical newspaper online databases which would give you full text- primary accounts, dating from the mid-19th Century. At this time we have the Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. We also subscribe to CQ Historic Documents, covering key events since 1972. The Library of Congress also has an ongoing historical newspaper project with digitized images but the indexing seems to be free text at this stage.

Academic libraries would subscribe to advanced Social Sciences and History databases which would index "peer-reviewed" journals. JSTOR, Academic Search Complete come to mind.

Spending some time in library catalogs would help you to gauge sources. Worldcat  would be helpful in seeing how much is available, where it is held  and also what are the range of subjects and subject headings. The holdings of public and academic libraries can be viewed in Worldcat. You can also search for articles in Worldcat.

Here at the Niles library we have a book on the 3rd floor a 305.42, Women's Rights in the United States a documentary history which contains letters, personal narratives, and other primary documents.

My email is where we could more easily continue this discussion.

Hope some of the above is helpful. Sorry I did not see your question over the weekend.

I will be working at the Reference Service Counter on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and also on Saturday morning.


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